Scheduling your appointments with the SimpleCleanz scheduler is truly easy. Once you've registered and chosen your SimpleCleanz package and received your confirmation email the next step in the process is to start scheduling your cleanings so we can get you started on making your home squeaky clean. 

Here you will find all the information needed to set up your two cleanings per month, give one or both of cleanings away to a loved one, friend, or just someone who needs it, and how simple the entire process is. 

STEP ONE: Click on the "Schedule Your Cleaning Today" button which will take you directly to our appointment scheduling page. Once there this is where you can choose the days and times you want for both cleanings each month based on the package you've chosen for your SimpleCleanz service.


STEP TWO: Once you've chosen the two appropriate dates for your cleanings you can choose to have those same recurring dates each month or simply go back into the scheduler each month to readjust your days and times for your cleanings.


If you choose to have the same two dates and times each month just hit the recurring button when you finalize your appointment and this will automatically set all your cleanings for the package you choose. If you decide you want to gift one or both of your cleanings you must go back and make the necessary adjustments if you've chosen to use the recurring scheduling tool for your appointments.


STEP THREE: After setting your appointments you will receive an email/text confirmation for your appointments on two occasions. You'll receive one immediately that will confirm your bookings immediately. You will receive a second confirmation 24hrs before the day of your scheduled appointment to give you the opportunity to reschedule or gift your cleaning to someone else for that particular cleaning if you decide so.


If you change your appointment date Simplecleanz can not guarantee you will get the new scheduled cleaning date you choose. If this happens you can call our customer service department to help get you the cleaning date you desire or you can send an email to our scheduling team and we will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs.



* Please note that when you schedule your cleanings the package you have chosen must be purchased first. If you scheduled your appointment without choosing and paying for the "Consumer SimplCleanz Package" unfortunately we will not be able to service your property. 

  • Someone over 18 must be present in the household when a cleaning is being done. If you choose not to have someone at your residence you must sign our waiver allowing our cleaning technicians to enter and clean your residence without you there. In this case, our team must be let in by the Property Management Team or you can simply let the cleaning technicians in and leave the property. 

  • There must be no pets in the house during a cleaning unless they are put in a safe place ( protective pet cage) etc. For the safety of your pet and the safety of our cleaning technicians and based on the cleaning products we use we want to assure your pet is completely safe from any harm these cleaning chemicals could cause. This is something we truly value as we a SimpleCleanz are huge pet lovers and want to make sure as much as we want your house to be fresh and squeaky clean, we want all your pets to be safe.

  • Please ensure all your valuables are locked and stored in a safe place. This is for your protection as well as our cleaning technicians. We want to make sure that no incident occurs ever when it comes to our client's merchandise. For any reason, if anything is not the same after cleaning is done please reach out to our management team immediately so that we may resolve any issue right away! We want you to feel safe and trustworthy using SimpleCleanz and never have to worry about any negative occurrences happening in your home.

  • Each SimpleCleanz appointment takes on an average of 45 minutes to 1 Hour unless you request an ala carte service that could extend that time frame. Our goal at SimpleCleanz is to get in and out of your residence in a timely manner for each appointment to make sure you can get back to enjoying your fresh smelling, always cleaned, paradise!

  • Because each SimpleCleanz Cleaning Team uses their own vehicles for each appointment we know certain residences may have private parking or no available visitor parking spaces during the time of your appointment. Please take the necessary steps each time you have an appointment scheduled that your cleaning team has the appropriate parking pass or space available in order to make sure towing does not happen to the vehicle.

  • SimpleCleanz wants to provide you with the absolute best cleaning service each time we come to your residence. The one thing Simplecleanz does not provide is a service for the hoarder household that has unforeseen amounts of junk around the residence that needs to be removed from the residence. Our goal is to provide you with a consistent cleaning and not a junk removal service. If you need that type of service SimpleCleanz will be glad to suggest local companies in your immediate area that provides these types of services.

  • SimpleCleanz has strict rules when it comes to the household type and size we offer our services to. Because of our low prices for our 3, 6, and 12-month plans on all one, two, and three-bedroom apartment, condominium, and certain townhome residence. The following is the type of units that Simplecleanz offers its services for:

SIMPLECLEANZ appointments

Scheduling SimpleCleanz Service.jpg

all one, two, and three-bedroom apartment and condo

units under 1200 SqFT

all townhome residence one, two, and three, bedroom

units under 1000 sqfT

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