SimpleCleanz Most Common Asked Questions

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Frequently asked questions

How often do I receive SimpleCleanz services with my subscription?

With the standard subcription service you receive cleanings once every 2 weeks or whenever you choose to have your cleaning services done. Whether you decided to have it done at your current residence or a different location, those are your options.

Can I transfer one of my cleanings to a family member or friend?

Absolutely! Your service can be used for your current residence or any location within the mile proximity based on your subscription plan. Package One- Up to 10 Miles from your residence Package Two- Up to 15 Miles from your residence Package Three- Up to 20 MIles from your residence If you do decide to allow one of your cleanings to be used by any one other than yourself please make sure to to have your account information filled out, as well as the residence the service will be going to! Any appointment scheduled that is not cancelled based on our cancellation policy will not be refunded and you will loose that cleaning service day for the month.

Can I add extra cleanings to my plan, and how much extra does it cost?

Yes, you can definitely add extra cleanings to your plan if you use the current two you have. Simply go to the WeJustClean scheduling calendar and schedule your additional cleaning for the number amount of rooms you desire. Once you do that you will checkout and pay the discounted rate as a SimpleCleanz valued customer. Any cleanings needed same day does come with an extra charge.

Can I provide my own cleaning supplies?

If you choose to use your own cleaning supplies or we supply them for you well get the job done. Whether for allergies or certain health reasons our dedicated cleaning specialist will accomadate you in every way to make sure the get the excellent cleaning service you deserve.

Can I have the same exact dates each month for my cleaning?

Yes! When you first register with SimpleCleanz you can request the same day, dates, and time each month with your plan if that's what you choose. This way we're able to send out your SimpleCleanz crew on those dates without you having to set the appointment calendar.

Does is cost extra for Green Cleaning if I prefer all green products?

If you request green cleaning there are additional charges added on for green products. This can be added to your monthly plan if you prefer green cleaning for each cleaning. Otherwise the date of your cleaning you can simply request green cleaning and you will be charged the extra fee the day of your cleaning.

If I don't use one of my cleanings do I loose that cleaning in my plan?

Fortunatley SimpleCleanz does allow you to carry over your cleanings to the next month but because of the busy schedules of all our clients we cannot guarantee the date you request for your cleaning. If you want to guarantee any date outside the normal 2 per month, or any date chosen and do want it guaranteed, there can be an additional fee of $15.00 dollars added. If you have further questions please reach out to our customer service team.

Can I cancel my SimpleCleanz subscription anytime during my plan?

Yes! We understand things can happen. Whether you move out of your area, or you get a new job! Because of that we do allow you to cancel your SimpleCleanz plan. If you decide to cancel your plan because of relocation we can transfer your service to wherever your new residence is as long as we offer services in your area. If you just decide SimpleCleanz isn't the service you want simple call 888-436-0665 to speak with a customer service agent who will help you cancel or change your plan with SimpleCleanz.

Does someone have to be the residence during the cleaning?

Unless authorized by the Property Managment Team or a waiver is signed and approved to be let in your residence someone over the age of 18 has to be on site during the time of your cleaning being performed.

How long does a normal cleaning take with SimpleCleanz?

A normal cleaning with SimpleCleanz can take anywhere from 45 minutes up to an hour based on the size of your unit. You average one or two bedroom apartment or condo usually will take 45 minutes. Your average three bedroom apartment or condo usually takes up to one hour.

If we move do we still recevice our SimpleCleanz service at our new residence?

Absolutely! If you move in any part of the country that SimplCleanz offers our service you will be up where you left off with your cleanings immediately! We will also offer you help and a discount with your packing on your new move if you need it with our partnership with the PackEmStackEm Group. They will pack and unpack you from your old to new residence! Why pack when you don't have too!

How do I reschedule or cancel my SimpleCleanz appointment if I need to?

Its simple. Just go back to the SimpleCleanz scheduling tool and simply cancel your appointment you currently have or reschedule for a later date. You can also do the same process in your SimpleCleanz confirmation email that is sent to you each time you set your appoinment each month for your two cleanings that you receive.

Can I have the same cleaning crew assigned to my cleanings each time if I"m extremely satisfied with the cleanings they do?

Yes! If you want to use the same crew each time for your cleanings you can call and speak with a SimpleCleanz scheduling specialist who can schedule all your cleanings and the specific crew you want assigned to all of your cleanings moving forward.



Payments Accepted

Cancellation Policy

SimpleCleanz is committed to providing all of our customers with exceptional cleaning service. When a SimpleCleanz service appointment is canceled without giving enough notice, you will only be rescheduled on the next available calendar date of service. If you require anything sooner there will be an additional charge.

Please call us at (888) 531-4711 48hrs prior to your scheduled appointment to cancel and create a new calendar date for your SimpleCleanz service. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be completely satisfied with the SimpleCleanz service. If you are in any way dissatisfied with our cleaning services you ordered, we’ll redo the service appointment at no additional charge,  or refund your monthly payment within immediately. Simply email us the problem, and we’ll take care of you.