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Choosing the right cleaning service can become a challenge for anyone. Especially if you're not used to having a professional cleaning done every couple of months, once a year, or not having one done at all.


Our goal at SimpleCleanz is not only to provide you with an affordable cleaning service but to assure you the consistency a cleaning will bring to your lifestyle that we all want and deserve.

Here are some reasons we know SimpleCleanz will be the cleaning service you will depend on to make sure you get a nice, fresh-smelling, clean paradise twice per month every month using the SimpleCleanz service.

  • Affordability- Having an affordable cleaning service that doesn't break the bank but gives you the cleanings and overall service we all should have is key when it comes to the value of the worth of services you receive while helping maintain your budget when using SimpleCleanz. The SimpleCleanz goal is to have everyone across the country be able to afford a guaranteed cleaning every two weeks or any two dates you choose. Knowing we can create this experience for every one of our customers is something we value as a company for anyone!

  • Convenience-  Convenience is everything for everybody! At SimpleCleanz this should be no different for any of our clients. We make scheduling your appointments, canceling your appointments, rescheduling your appointments simple and easy. Don't have time to schedule your cleanings at home?

  • Using our SimpleCleanz mobile application with your smartphone or tablet device allows you to always be control of moving your scheduled times around, adding additional services for your up and coming cleaning or even scheduling your cleanings while your away on vacation or an important business trip.

  • Our mobile application notifies you of your up and coming cleanings sending you notifications and alerts that also let you know when your SimpleCleanz cleaning team is arriving. Our applications also allow you to update, change, or even schedule all your cleanings for the entire year! Having the SimpleCleanz mobile application at your fingertips whenever you need it allows for the ultimate convenience every time!

  • Trust- At SimpleCleanz having the trust of our clients is the number #1 priority of our entire team! Knowing how important it is to have a guaranteed cleaning for all our clients, it's just as important for our clients to know that they can trust that SimpleCleanz will always provide you with the best customer service,  with the highest regard in ethics and standards while being reliable to you and your family every time we clean your home making sure you're always 100% satisfied with the SimpleCleanz service.

  • We pride ourselves in making sure all our cleaning technicians have gone through a complete vigorous background check, have a minimum of five years of cleaning experience, are completely certified and licensed to do service and most importantly are bonded and insured! We know your home is your castle so trusting us to come to your home is a value to us within itself. If we treat your home likes it's our own than we know you can depend on SimpleCleanz to do a spot-on job every time!

  • Consistency- What better way to wake up in the morning knowing your home is the paradise you dream of always! That's what a consistent cleaning will do for you and your family using SimpleCleanz. No more coming home to unwanted clutter, sinks filled up with dishes, unwanted trash every, or dust and pollen making it hard for you and your family to breathe! With SimpleCleanz twice per month cleanings, you can avoid all of this. Whether you have your cleanings scheduled twice per week or every other week providing your home with the consistent cleanings will deliver the results you're looking for using the SimpleCleanz service.

  • Flexibility- Your schedule is our schedule! It's our rule, it's our promise, and we always deliver! Whether you schedule your cleaning during our normal 7 am to 6 pm service hours or you put in a special request for an appointment outside of our normal hours our goal is to deliver the service you want on your schedule!